Changes to API object - PSC (list) resource - name elements

PSC list / individual - the “name_elements” object “other_forenames” field has changed to “middle_name”.

This probably changed ages back but just noticed it. Documentation still shows the “other_forenames” field so one to update next time it’s looked at?


From: “

    "etag" : "b360c3a8d47bfc6da6600e234d0746471869a24d",
    "name_elements" : {
        "middle_name" : "Jane",

P.S. if changes are afoot how about adding a “name_elements” object to the officer list as well? We have a need to process the two together and I suspect other users do.


Came here from a Google search to say the same thing. Unless I’m missing something, “other_forenames” is still in the documentation, but “middle_name” is returned from the API currently.

Indeed. I think documentation or minor bug fixes are not a priority for Companies House! I was hoping that their Swagger / OpenAPI spec would now be up to date - hoping that it was just the old documentation which wasn’t updated. Unfortunately this isn’t.

Aside - you also still have to manually get round the fact that they’ve published an internal version with the IP address and port of their localhost - that issue has been outstanding for a few years now IIRC.