Charges, start_index, items_per_page

Hi, the link to get data about charges for a company does not appear to have a “start_index” or “items_per_page” and I can only ever see the first 25 records being returned in Postman?

This is an old quirk of the system - charges are indeed slightly different:

  • This is a paged endpoint but the documentation still doesn’t mention this (e.g. you can pass in parameters of items_per_page and start_index to page through the list as you can in e.g. search companies, officers list etc.).

  • The result returned does not include items_per_page or start_index - so you need to keep track of this yourself.

So if you wanted the first four entries of a long list of charges, you would use the url:

… and then:

for the next four etc.

The oddities here have been the case since a long time ago!