Company 00082892 Links Insolvency, but returns null when getting link

command get company

curl -u 801932d9-9bdc-4428-b413-61ef40f0e791:

returns json with Insolvency link

{"jurisdiction":"england-wales","company_name":"00082892 LTD","etag":"27a6d0bfd5815e259b1d56ffee725fa0a7612b86","has_insolvency_history":true,"has_charges":true,"previous_company_names":[{"effective_from":"1904-12-15","ceased_on":"1988-09-22","name":"LONSDALE & BARTHOLOMEW LIMITED"}],"annual_return":{"last_made_up_to":"1989-08-23","overdue":true},"last_full_members_list_date":"1989-08-23","undeliverable_registered_office_address":false,"type":"ltd","date_of_creation":"1904-12-15","accounts":{"last_accounts":{"made_up_to":"1988-12-31","type":"total-exemption-full"},"next_due":"1990-10-31","next_made_up_to":"1989-12-31","accounting_reference_date":{"month":"12","day":"31"},"overdue":true,"next_accounts":{"due_on":"1990-10-31","overdue":true,"period_end_on":"1989-12-31","period_start_on":"1904-12-15"}},"company_status":"active","registered_office_address":{"address_line_2":"Netherfield","address_line_1":"Forester Street","locality":"Nottingham","postal_code":"NG4 2LL"},"company_number":"00082892","links":{"self":"/company/00082892","filing_history":"/company/00082892/filing-history","officers":"/company/00082892/officers","charges":"/company/00082892/charges","insolvency":"/company/00082892/insolvency"},"can_file":true}

command Get Insolvency

curl -u 801932d9-9bdc-4428-b413-61ef40f0e791:

returns nothing

I think you mistakenly included the insolvency path in the first curl snippet. Perhaps you meant:

curl -u 801932d9-9bdc-4428-b413-61ef40f0e791:

For the company profile.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend posting your actual API key to public forums.

In this case, it looks like the company was restored by court order and is deemed to have continued in existence:

If the company was restored, shouldn’t the insolvency link go away then?

As for API key, this is just a test api key. I’ll keep the real ones safe.

I’m not sure that there are any rules about consistency when it comes to restored companies. Particularly like here when the company was dissolved a certain time prior to all companies data being registered digitally (or at least in / available via the current dataset). Companies House had a cut-off date when setting this up - see e.g.:

This is a particularly odd one (just try viewing it in the web search and clicking through the tabs e.g. insolvency tab and the minimal filing history…). These restored companies do seem to be a bit of a “special case” (e.g. situations like this appear).

It would maybe be useful if there was a flag / indication of this e.g. in the Company Profile. (There is a has_been_liquidated but that presumably doesn’t apply here, it’s not set anyway). Given how some of the other flags work however it would probably be set once and no matter what happened after that’s it!