Company number for corporate officer - bulk data

in the bulk data for appointments, the field company_number (as per documentation) seems to be referring to the company_number of the company the officer is appointed to.

When the ditto officer is a company itself - how do we get its company number?


Is this an API related query - if it is in relation to bulk data we would need to investigate further. Can you please clarify?


Hi Steve - thanks for answering. Sorry for the vagueness in my question. Here below a more thorough explanation with an example.

Here’s the logical flow:

  • In the Company Appointments Snapshot (prod 195);
  • When line is a person record;
  • When this line corporate indicator is set to Y;

The line contains information on the appointment of a corporate officer.

Now, in this same line, the field company number is the number of the company to which this corporate officer is appointed to.

I would like to have (in the same line) the company number of the corporate officer - I could do a search through the API, but it would be a text search which might yields several results. I was wondering if there was an easier way to provide the company number of the corporate officer through the bulk appointment data.

Hope it’s clear.



Hi Gabriele,

I will pass this query on and get back to you.


The company number of the corporate officer is available in many cases, if it is specified as the eea registration (or non-eea) number. However, this isn’t guaranteed to be correct and so would be a case of trusting what was supplied. There is no attempt to correlate the corporate officer with any company on the register, and the company number could be foreign too…

Thanks a lot Steve -
On another note, I noticed that some fields available in the appointment list JSON retrieved from the API are not present in the appointment bulk product.

The below for example, is only available through the API, and absent in the bulk.

..., "identification" : { "identification_type" : "string", "legal_authority" : "string", "legal_form" : "string", "place_registered" : "string", "registration_number" : "string" }, ...,

Is there any way this information can be incorporated in the appointment bulk files?

Thanks -