Company Officers LIST Ordering of results changes


We were using order_by=resigned_on in order to get active directors FIRST on the CompanyOfficers LIST request:
GET /company/{company_number}/officers?order_by=resigned_on&items_per_page=10
which would previously return active officers first (I’d have hoped there would be an active=true parameter to achieve this but we used what we had)

It seems this now returns active directors LAST. This has been a breaking change for us, is it likely that this is going to be changed back or do we need to find a work around? (or ideally get an active parameter on the request!)

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This is under investigation. There has been a change, it was actually to fix a problem with ordering.
I have asked for some advice from the developers, which I will post here.

OK, so the order was one of the fixes, so it has technically changed but only so it is now working correctly.
The default order is now active. So if you just want all active officers, then just leave the order_by off and it will use the default which shows active officers first anyway.

Alternatively for active directors then add filter=active to the query e.g.

or similar.
Hope that helps

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Thanks @MArkWilliams - I had a query we had which was failing with a “reverse order” query - so presumably those are not now supported?

I was doing something like:


Returning http code 400, no body.

We’ll be running this the other way round now per recommendation!