Company status and type value definitions

Hi there, please could you advise if there is a page with value definitions for company status and type from the companyProfile resource API page? We have been extracting these using the API but are now looking to understand each value in more detail.

I have also seen there is a slight variation in some of the returns when using the API key as not all values returned are present on the API page. If there is a list with all potential values please could this also be shared?

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If you go to the documentation for the companyProfile reource there are links to the “Enum constants”. The values can be found in the main constants.yml and I think they’re all listed?

Not everything in Companies House is either documented or “correct” (you may find additional things not in the documentation or some discrepancies between data and the documentation). Last time I checked I think these particular ones were complete though?

What additional values did you find?

In the company status field a value ‘undefined’ returned which I could not see in the 2 links shared. So was just trying to understand if there was any other potential values that could return for these specific fields listed?

Just in regards to definitions of values is this something Companies House do not document? E.g. defining what Receivership means etc. The reason we are keen to find out is we would like to understand a companies lifecycle and if the values listed are seen in any particular order? E.g. active to administration then to Liquidation. If you have any information on this it would be greatly appreciated.


Are you certain that value is coming from Companies House, and is not e.g. because you’re asking for something that doesn’t exist in a data structure?

Apologies if this is something you’re already aware of but there are effectively a “zoo” of rather different types of organisations / entities in the Companies House data set. The vast majority are “companies” but there are a range of different types of entity in it (you’d have to ask Companies House / consult law and “policy” as to why exactly). Some of these have minimal information, or different information that “companies” usually have available. The main “registrar” for those is not Companies House but another organisation (e.g. relevant charities body) - in some cases this is indicated by a field in the Company Profile.

The main one I can think of now which could give you “undefined” because it doesn’t return that field is:

Charities: e.g. /company/CE013477 (Scottish charities start with CS) - these do not return a status. (Note the main registrar / regulator for these varies - The Charity Commission in England and Wales, OSCR in Scotland, The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland there.)

You can obtain examples / investigate using the Advanced Search e.g. via the website (or API):

I believe Companies House has a short guide (albeit aimed more at company officers but may be useful?):

(First part relates to accounts rather than status changes)

… And you can also search this forum and find specific information.

Good luck.