Company Status Discrepancy

I don’t know if this is widespread or not, I’ve only found this single example so far.

The company 02749304 returns a different status in CompanySearch ( to what is returned in the CompanyProfile (,

In this case it looks like the search returns the correct status.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The issue will be investigated.



The issue has been identified and the data corrected.

Excellent, thanks.

Hi @mfairhurst, I have also found another issue with the company status field, I have come across companies where the status is null. I am trying to colate a list of examples however I know ''INVERCLYDE ATHLETIC CLUB" is definately one. Could you please review/ investigate? From the API spec all companies should have a status (active, dissolved,liquidation, receivership, administration, voluntary-arrangement, converted-closed, insolvency-proceedings).

Thank you.


This is still an issue today with multiple companies, albeit the other way around, the company_status returned in the profile is correct, whereas the one returned in the search is wrong, here are a few by way of example, but there are many.

OC413009, 13443061, 13432744, 13432398

Just to clarify this is a difference between the profile from /company/ and the advanced search at /advanced-search/companies

Weird - looks like a balance of probability truth rather than a single source of truth!!

13432398 shows Dissolved status on both the profile and the searches but is showing as active through Advanced company search even though last two look to be using same dataset. A Postman GET request returns the Dissolved status

Frank Murphy

Yes, walking the search results and performing a get against each one reveals that quite a few have a difference.

Almost as though the advanced-search source of data for that field is something else.

M Fairhirst

When this is resolved it would be interesting, and maybe useful, to know the cause rather just be told that “The issue has been identified and the data corrected” because we may have to construct our own bear traps to catch offending entries.

Thanks in advance

Frank Murphy

Sorry for the delay. Yes there does seem to be a data consistency issue.
You are correct, the advanced search status is a separate piece of data, but it should be synchronised. That seems to be the issue and the number of companies affected (incorrect) is small and we are currently identifying the cause and will ‘fix’ all of these statuses as they absolutely must be correct.
I will update here as soon as I know more.
Thank you for you patience.

We are still investigating. Those mentioned have been manually corrected.
If you could provide other example companies, that would help us in our investigations.
Thank you for your help.

Try this:
Advanced Company Search:
Set Company Status to be Active.
Update Results (I get 5,358,839 results today)
Every company on the first page is Dissolved. (I haven’t checked the rest!!)

There are a few companies being reported on CHS as;
‘Active — Active proposal to strike off’ OR ‘Liquidation’
When in the filing history ‘Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off’ OR ’ Final Gazette dissolved following liquidation’ has been recorded and is the latest entry.

These are : 13188678, 13346665, 13353166, 12754692, 10373574, 05565241

On WebCheck - the status is Dissolved on these companies.