Create Discrepancy post issue due to Scope

Hi ,

I am trying to access the below API by using Client Id and Client Secret. Upon successful authentication in Postman with call back URL, i have received the bearer token in the header and post the request also, but i am getting 401 error.
for the above API i used scope: ****

i am not able to use this scope due to error in Auth.

Has anyone been able to fix this issue?

I get invalid scope error when I use both scopes below for authentication. When I use only the first scope (profile read scope), auth works well. But using psc discrepancy reports scope results in an auth error. I am testing this with the Sandbox endpoints.


Your Client_Id should have permission to access the discrepancy API. Please connect CompanyHouse Support for that.

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I am also having the above issue. How do I get the correct permissions assigned ? The provided email bounces for me.