Disqualified directors?

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I’m trying to understand the situation around getting disqualified directors data in bulk. Via the REST API I can sort of paginate through them, but the pagination limit of 1000 means we’re missing about a third of all records. Plus, using the REST API seems counter to its objectives.

The list at Director disqualification outcomes: summary of results has only 200+ entries, much less than the REST API.

I’ve also seen references to an XML API, but that’s a whole different site?

Is there an FTP access for this data?

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  • Friedrich

I’m not aware of a bulk list for disqualified officers / directors. I think I saw somewhere on this forum someone ask for that and get a response from Companies House that this wasn’t available.

The links for information around this (for anyone else looking) are:

The XML Gateway API was essentially a predecessor to the REST API.

  • It operates in parallel to the REST API - I think it draws from the same underlying data but is not exactly equivalent.

  • It is not a free service - you need to sign up and there is a cost.

  • There may be some things that you can achieve using that service that you can’t do in the API. I’m not certain about this though. See my post on the following thread:
    Officer Id in disqualified officers api - #7 by voracityemail

There are bulk data for Officers, PSCs and general company information available however.

@voracityemail - Wow thanks for that explainer, very helpful summary. My read from this whole situation is that there isn’t really a good way to get the whole dataset in some structured form - obviously a deeply problematic outcome, but there are probably internal complexities to this.

I’m still curious to hear if anyone does have more information about the supposed FTP option?