Dissolved Company Bulk Data Available?


Id be grateful if someone could tell me if there is a bulk dataset available for dissolved companies.

Ideally every dissolved company. Although I personally dont need any accounting/ or officers details.
(I have a rough figure of approx 6.7 million from Opencorporates.com…if accurate)

Ive read another post here …

but thats 2 years old and appears to be open ended.

Can you advise what my options are please as Im slightly confused by what datasets Companies House actually offer?



ps This is a duplicate post as the other is not receiving any attention/replies. I thought perhaps a new topic would be seen easier my Mods

If there was such, myself and others would also be interested. I’m not aware of one.

There are some third-party sites which accumulate and summarise information (some of which may not be available via the API). At the moment none I know have the specific functionality for finding all dissolved companies but you could have a look at:

CH Data available

You’ve probably got the same answers as me but to summarise - most information is somewhere on the list at:

Monthly Snapshots

Other datasets

Bulk officer / director data - as you already did, apply at:

Recently registered companies - asked for in various threads, this was one with useful links to third party sites:

Some one from our customer care team will contact you shortly.

We do not have any bulk products that contain dissolved companies, sorry.
I know you have been contacted, but I just wanted to post a general answer here for other users who may be looking for the same product.

Hi voracityemail

Thanks for the detailed reply. Much appreciated. Once pointed at the ‘our services’ page

Things start to make sense for a newbie like me. You can understand what people are referring to…

I have asked the question …why a dissolved company dataset is not available at all? At least in a basic/simplistic form …

Thanks MarkJ

Thanks MArkWilliams. As you are aware I have asked the question why such a dataset is not possible…


StatBooks has retained Dissolved Companies data since 1 October 2017 and whilst we have no plans to make this available as a front-end module we do the capability to produce and export back end updates weekly or monthly on a subscription basis. There is a degree of volatility within the data due to the daily trickle of administrative and other restorations; we have front-end modules for these (See - LATEST >>RESTORATIONS >>RESTORED >>Requested - NOW ACTIVE / Court Order – For Legal Action on the menu bar).

E-mail admin@statbooks.co.uk for more information, specifying the data content and export format requirements.

On a more general note, I would suggest that a total of circa 6.7 million is well below the true figure (we have garnered close to 450,000 in just 10 months!) and a calculation based on issued numbers less the latest total register figure suggests around 8.7 million have been dissolved.

…and hopefully you had an answer, not as straight forward as people think.

Hi MArkWilliams,

Has a dissolved companies data product become available since this thread went dormant? Thanks.

No, sorry, it has not.

Checking in on this topic. Now that dissolved company information is available via the API will it also be made available in the bulk product?

This would be very helpful and would reduce unnecessary usage of the API to retrieve this information. (And it would be in the spirit of the CHS response to the recent consultation that led to making this information available via the API.)