Documents API issue

Hi guys, I am trying to retrieve document’s content data as it described at Also I tried to follow steps described at Help with Document API & Fetch a Document page. But I can’t grab any document from there.For example when I am calling with all required headers as a response I just get 500 HTTP code (Internal Server Error)

Am I doing something wrong with request or this issue on your side?

I have just tried to retrieve the image you have used as an example and it works fine for me. Can you try:

curl -v -u YOUR-API-KEY-FOLLOWED-BY-COLON -H “Accept: application/pdf”

Note - You do not need to base encode the api key in the curl command

Does this work?



Thank you for your response.
That was my fault. I was using RestSharp and PostMan. Restsharp adds to accept header additional types while PostMan usually forwards requests via own proxy.

Glad to hear you’ve resolved the problem