filingHistoryList category enumeration values incomplete

I am using GET{company_number}/filing-history.

The documentation of what is returned states that the category name can have possible values: accounts, address, annual-return, capital, change-of-name, incorporation, liquidation, miscellaneous, mortgage, officers, and resolution.

My experiments show this list is incomplete. Other possible values include: confirmation-statement, document-replacement, insolvency, and persons-with-significant-control. There may be others.

The documentation does not provide a comprehensive list of the category enumeration’s values.

Agree, and if you look in the “enum constants” you’ll see there may also be the following:

    'change-registered-office-address' : "Change of registered office address"

@voracityemail, thank you. If there is a connection between (1) the enumeration relevant for the category query parameter or values associated with the category name and (2) the filing_type enumeration (which has only the single documented member, that you identify), then I think that connection is also not documented.