Filings API (registered email address)

I am getting an internal server error when using the API filings registered email addresses endpoints:

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OK i can confirm this works now. but can’t see the email update when fetching company data from XML API? any help on this

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I don’t think the registered email address is going to be exposed to the public at all.

the registered email address it’s retrieved in the XML API, that’s where i’m checking it.

Hi there. Any update on this? We have now submitted a number of changes of REA via the new API service and none of them seem to being updated at Companies House. When we check the filing tracker ( all the requested changes of REA are showing as “incomplete”.

Anyone else having this issue/ any ideas?

To update:

  1. Some of the change of REA filings we submitted via the API a number of days ago are now showing in the CH database (when we look at that). The CH database seems not to update immediately, but takes a few days - seemingly at random. It is only by manually checking that we can see that the REA has been updated at your end.
  2. The “Your Filings” webpage is still showing all transactions we submitted via the API as incomplete, even when the email address is now updated on the CH database.
  3. We tried updating the REA for one entity via This worked almost immediately and the filing is showing as “Accepted” in your filings.

So we have confidence that the change REA via API does work, eventually. But not so confident about (i) how long it takes to be updated by CH and (ii) that the filing tracker which shows that we have submitted change of REA request still shows the status as incomplete!

Have you closed your transactions? If they are not closed then the submission is not complete.
This page gives a clearer overview of the API in terms of documentation

Manipulate Company Data (API Filing):
The section API FILING process 101 details everything you need to do.

Hope this helps