Help with code?


I asked ChatGPT (yes, I know, I have no experience in coding at all) to write some Python code which will ask the user for a company number and return the company name, registered office and officers of the company. The code does not seem to work, I think because of the API I am using. I have looked at the Companies House documentation but cannot work out how to use the API keys.

I have not posted the code because I think would be a bit presumptuous to fling code at a group and ask people to correct it, but if anyone has the time I would be grateful for some help. I am also up for paying for a python tutorial on this specific topic if the tuition cost is affordable.

I would be grateful for your help.

Hi, did you manage to get this sorted? If not, I can help you out. Let me know and we can have a quick chat so I can find out what you are trying to do.