How to get auditor or accountant info

Questions: Is there a way to extract the auditor’s organisation name when a filing is done by an external auditor, accountant or tax advisor?

Context: I noticed companies like Beauhurst and RedFlagAlert presenting auditor names. However, in the documentation, the only references to an auditor that I could find is on the discrepancies API with a reference named obliged_entity_organisation_name.

I was expecting some reference to an auditor on the public data API, but having done several requests and looking into the filing_history documentation I can’t seem to find any auditor related reference. Is that correct and is the auditor/accountant datapoint potentially gathered manually, or is there indeed a way to extract this via one of the APIs?

This would be helpful to know regarding the accuracy of data that these companies provide before potentially purchasing their offers.

This data can likely be extracted automatically from the xbrl tagged accounts. Find an example of audited accounts, open the accounts xbrl file in a text editor and search for the word “audit”.

Thanks, but so there’s no API property, only doable setting up a scraper on the xbrl files?