How to get data about all the companies in specific county?


Is there an easy way to get a bulk data about companies with some specific filter like “county”?

Or for example “new companies created in 2019 in Essex”?

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You would have to download all the data using the bulk download. Then you would need to map the registered postcodes to Essex and filter by an incorporation date greater than 2019. This wouldn’t take into consideration trading addresses and would require parsing multiple GB of data.

Disclaimer: I work for We’ve built a platform that would allow you to do this quite easily.

The folks at Data City have done a great job, but my additional ‘food for thought’ is that you will get companies that are registered in Essex, not necessarily operating. We have disambiguated registered addresses from operating addresses and often when looking at specific geographies, there can be some difference. Good luck with your data challenge. Geoff

It’s a great point Geoff. We’ve also taken the websites of as many companies as we can in the UK (so far!) and explored which locations they mention on their website. We’ve found this to be a better indicator of where a company operates. You can quickly toggle between registered addresses and trading addresses on the platform.

(For reference - the bulk download for this is at Companies House)

I agree with all the previous comments on doing appropriate filtering etc and being thoughtful about what you can infer from Companies House data (and not). If you were happy to use someone else’s services there are the ones mentioned and - for new companies - there is also Statbooks which might cover what you need. (I don’t have any connection with them):

Good luck.

Hi Jack. We’ve adopted a slightly different approach, but do also use web scraping occasionally too. Happy to swap general notes on a call if you’re up for it. Cheers

Many thanks for the unsolicited promotion voracityemail !!

Statbooks has Companies House based data products that link between the Registered Office postcode and a range of administrative geographies including counties, local authorities, parliamentary constituencies, wards and parishes throughout the UK, Our Registered Office postcode data is complete and clean (free of typos, extra spaces, lack of a space, etc., etc.) and largely validated against Royal Mail data so the link from postcode to geographic data is sound,

Our platform covers all live Companies, not just new incorporations and several years of accumulated dissolved ones as well. We provide custom as well as standard outputs; some of the latter can be consumed by API rather than csv downloads,

For more information please contact or use the link that voracity provided.