How to search for companies using SIC Code?

Hello there,

So, I can search for companies using the company name, etc. However, how do I search for companies with a specific SIC code, such as 68100, 68209, 68320, or 68310? I want to search for companies using an SIC code, So, how do I do it?

Here is my current code:

          result = null;

        string nameToSearchFor = "Steele";
        var settings = new CompaniesHouseSettings(api_key);

        using (var client = new CompaniesHouseClient(settings))
            var request = new SearchRequest()
                Query = nameToSearchFor,
                StartIndex = 0,
                ItemsPerPage = 10

            result = await client.SearchAllAsync(request);

            //var result1 = await client.GetCompanyProfileAsync("10440441");


This functionality isn’t currently available. However, in the new year a new advanced search api will be available which will have this functionality.

The alternative is to use the functionality here Advanced company search - Find and update company information - GOV.UK under the nature of business section.


We search on SIC using the download csv files which works fine.
Note these files only have the active companies included.
You can then use these company numbers or names as input for the API if necessary.