Incorporate company

Hi, what is the API to create a new company.
What is the API called exactly.

Thank you.

All API specifications can be found
Currently you cannot incorporate a company through this API.

Hi, what’s the API to incorporate a company and where do I find the specification?

Thanks for your response

Hi, is the XML one the only one to incorporate a company? Can you post a link to the current one please.

Thanks for your response

there is a forum for that

I know this is a bit old topic but I am so curious, @MArkWilliams is there still no way to form (create) a company using the Companies House API?

Correct, there is currently no way to incorporate a company via the CompanieHouse API.

Thank you so much for your reply, @MArkWilliams I guess I’ll check the XML flow to see what I can do about it.