Incorrect Company Status


Using the advanced company search API following three firms (company numbers - 08989685, 13242230, 12742935) show as ‘active’ under company status.

These same three firms show as company status ‘dissolved’ using the company search API

Taking the last company - 12742935 as an example. The Advanced Search on website shows as ‘active’ but when clicking the link for the firms page it then shows as ‘dissolved’.

Can you explain why there is a discrepancy and would this be possible to fix? I am using Advanced Search API as the functionality to filter company_status, dissolved_date, size (up to 5000) is extremely useful.

Thanks a lot

Thank you for taking the time to report this.
We are investigating and can confirm there is an issue with company statuses in the advanced search (and alphabetic).

Thanks a lot for your reply, appreciate the help. Any more info please do let me know.