Insolvency API issue companies house

We are not getting valid response from Insolvency API.
Could any one help me out.


Streaming API’s do not have a response in that sense, they have a stream (it’s in the name!).
The insolvency endpoint compared to say the filling and / or companies endpoint, is ‘quiet’ and does not always have data to stream. You’ll have to connect and wait for data to be available, in the meantime, you’ll still get the ping to know that you are connected.

It is not Streaming API. Regular HTTP get request. We get valid response for GET{companyNumber}/registered-office-address
with the same authentication header.

we have issues in response , status is ok. response body is corrupt?

If you get an OK response plus a (corrupted) body, what headers are you sending AND what headers are you receiving? Could the body be zipped?

only basic authentication headers

We tried this
this works with the same authentication.

This used to work, and we have no code change from our side. We want to know anything has changed in the API side.

We’re currently facing the issue described here. Getting a 200 OK response without a body (content-length is 0). Was working fine before and no code changes were done.

Thanks Tiago, how to escalate this? I sent email, but no response yet.

Thank you all for taking the time to report this. We are aware of this and are investigating.