Integer data type

Are the data type definitions documented anywhere? Specifically, that integer isn’t a standard 32-bit signed integer?

When calling GET{company_number}/charges for company 05920461 items[1].insolvency_cases[0].transaction_id doesn’t convert to a 32-bit signed integer. I’m guessing it’s probably an unsigned 32-bit integer, but is there also the possibility that it’s a 64-bit signed or unsigned integer?

I’m also not sure whether that’s the case for other integer types defined for the API?

I’m hesitant to treat all integer types returned from the API as unsigned 64-bit integers as that’s going to be pretty wasteful on space if we’re handling/storing a lot of data.

I think that they could usefully document what this field is first (and various others), I have no idea… (post if you know).

I thought it might match up with the “transaction_id” field in filing-history, but those ones are like e.g. “MzA3OTYzODQ3NmFkaXF6a2N4”.

Doesn’t see to match anything in Insolvency resource either.

Documentation seems to have dropped down the priority list (roll on the Swagger version). Still there’s this forum!

Another example:
from /company/00229606/charges/6wGnyxTZkYxeKhsvRC7hm0mVqUw

“insolvency_cases”: [
“transaction_id”: “3152379474”,
“case_number”: “3”,
“links”: {
“case”: “/company/00229606/insolvency#case-3”