Integration in php application

Please give me a sample PHP code to integrate this API in my laravel application

Welcome. As far as I know Companies House doesn’t maintain code examples. I’m also not aware of a Lareval integration. However this forum has a search facility (the magnifying glass at the top left) and there is also Google. Using the forum search you’ll find plenty of PHP code - which can be used in any PHP application e.g. in the following posts:

I believe by using Google you can find a couple of libraries for PHP. The last time I checked (a year ago or more) they were not being actively developed but there may be something new. Please post if you find something.

Integrating APIs into other code is generally your own task. I do know of some complicated APIs where using someone else’s library - or at least sample code - is almost necessary. However this is not a very complicated API - and any “library” or “code sample” would likely not be much simpler than directly using the API. (There are some things such as handling rate limiting or downloading documents where example code might be useful though). It actually is a good idea to take the time to understand the basics here. The documentation would be the place to start.

Good luck.