Last Timepoint - CH Streams

Hi all, Is there a way to find out the last timepoint published by a stream ? - specifically for streams that are not busy.


There’s no official way to do this as far as I’m aware.
The site Sample events from Companies House Streaming API provides the latest event it recieved for each stream (which includes the timepoint).
Under the second heading “View sample online” click the stream you’re interested in to see the latest event for it.
Eg the latest timepoint for persons-with-significant-control-statements at the time of writing is 77 (published_at 2024-04-16T11:54:02.673966+01:00).

However, it’s not required that you have the last timepoint in order to connect to the stream. If you omit the timepoint parameter it will only send you events that occur after your connect was established.

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Just don’t set a timepoint in the request to open a stream

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Many thanks @ebrian101 .This is what I was looking for. It helps a lot. Cheers