Live Streams Down?

Morning All - is there an issue with the live streams?
Seeing no data at all on any of them.

Hello @robbie_crawford - understand that it will be too late for your issue now 1 day ago - but have you see this link;

Companies Stream

That is perhaps the best method to check, real-time, for data in the streams.

Hope it helps :grinning:

Hi Mal - yip handy little site this one.

It was also showing nothing - think they must have been doing some weekend maintenance as they restarted during the day.

Thanks for the pointer!


It didn’t work for me either. With unauthorised errors pre-received on all threads. But it’s fine now

We apologise for the issues you have been experiencing over the last 36 hours.
we had a major release/deployment over the weekend and experienced severe service issues, mainly around authentication resulting in 502 type errors (and others)
We resolved this today (9th April 2024) approx 13:00hrs and continue to monitor and investigate exact causes.
Thank you for your patience.

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