Locating Timepoints for data snapshots


Getting to grips with the Streaming API and the documentation states that all snapshots come with a provided timepoint (“A data snapshot also comes with a timepoint, which gives you the point at which the snapshot was taken.”) to be used to continue the data on from that point, however I cannot locate this? I was wondering where exactly I could find this.

Thank you!

Unfortunately those snapshots are not yet in place. It is still our intention to develop them and the current thinking is that we will form a project to do this next financial year, with Discovery potentially starting in April.

Hi Nathan
How did you get on with your streaming API, i don’t have any valid timepoints? All i get a ‘416 requested range not satisfiable’??

Hi Jay,

The issue here is you are providing a timepoint that is probably out of range, I think they only cover about the last 5ish days worth of data so if you ask outside this range you will not get a full response.

As a word of warning the timepoints are just simply a count of the documents pushed to the API too, these are not say unix timepoints, which initially confused me.

I recommend just sending a default request without a timepoint and getting a response just to get your head around it first then go from there :slight_smile:

Hi Nathan
Many thanks for the response, i’ve just sent a request with out any parameters through postman but i suspect it will be too much data. https://stream.companieshouse.gov.uk/companies?

I’m very new to this, trying to get my head around it can you use a company number as a parameter on the stream API?