Need help to decide on account to choose

Hello there,

We want to select the right account to be able to create limited companies as a business service. We think it is the lender account because it mentions this is for agents who want to form companies for others, but we are not lenders. Is that the correct account?

The options are;

  • Application for a presenter credit account - for filing documents with a fee|attachment
  • Application for a presenter account - for filing documents without a fee (used if only filing company accounts)|attachment
  • Application to register as a lender - for filing electronic charge documents|attachment

This is the link where these application forms are located; Apply for a Companies House online filing presenter account - GOV.UK

This would be for the XML/software service yes? That is not this service, but I will pass your query onto our XML service customer care team.

Thanks for your response @MArkWilliams !

I can see some websites help you check for company name (using Companies house API).
What I would like to do is to let the user populate a form, inclduing necessary information and submit the data to Companies House to form a company using the XML service.

Thank you so much.

I have had a response:-

The correct form is as follows:
Please attach the completed form to
and further support is available via the XML forum