New IP Address Rate Limiting Query

With the introduction of the new IP address rate limiting, I was hoping someone could clarify the following points -

  • Does each IP now get the 600 calls in 300 second limit or have these numbers changed?
  • Is there any impact on how many API keys are used? e.g. if we use separate keys for different end points in the API does the combined number of calls still have to meet the 600/300 seconds or does each key have any form of independent limiting?
  • Previously, the document API had its own rate limiting - is this still the case or is it now part of the IP address limiting?

Many thanks.

the 600 calls in 5 mins limit is per API key.
we have a higher limit, that is per IP address.
the document API limit is part of the API key limit.
We allow multiple API keys of course, BUT please be aware of the Fair Use Policy. If we feel you are breaching it, we can and will deny you access to our services, without notice or reason and you will have to contact us to discuss future access.
If we feel you are not handling error codes properly (in particular 429) again, we will deny you access to our services, without notice or reason.

Thanks for the update @MArkWilliams.

Can you advise what the IP limit is? We use separate API keys for companies vs documents so don’t want to fall foul of the IP limits by running up to 1200 per 5 minutes.

The IP limit is higher than 1200, so you will be ok.