Non deterministic DATE type in filinghistorylist

Hello -
I am extracting the filingshistorylist object for the company code 09825890 and am finding that the path to:


leads t a k:v pair action_date : bigint, the bingint is a 13-digit unix epoch.

This k:v pair is not reported in the documentation, and when it appears elsewhere is of type DATE. Is this a bug or we have to expect that in all leaves of the JSON (associated_filings, annotations, resolutions) the “action_date” key will always contain a BIGINT?

It would be helpful to document this kinf of stuff in the official docs.


Please could you provide the _id of the item in question so that I can get it investigated.

sure - it is the company with company code 09825890

Sorry, I meant the id of the item on the filing history that you found an issue with.