Obtaining information about newly created companies via Streaming API

I am seeking assistance in obtaining information about newly created companies via the Streaming API.

According to the documentation, the types of changes pushed through the API are typically classified as either ‘changed’ or ‘deleted.’

I would appreciate clarification on whether the Streaming API captures information related to the creation or incorporation of new companies. If so, could you please provide details on how I can distinguish and retrieve data specifically for newly created entities?

Additionally, the documentation describes a field named event.fields_changed[] intended to contain a list of fields that have been modified. However, this field consistently appears to be empty.

Could you kindly provide guidance on how I can retrieve detailed information on all changes and new companies through the Streaming API? If possible, I would greatly appreciate any instructions or sample queries to facilitate this process.

Many thanks.

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Look at the filling history endpoint: Streaming API: filingHistoryStream (company-information.service.gov.uk)

Then watch for the data.category string value