Officer Search Missing Primary 'Exact' Matches

When searching for officer by name, the results often don’t include the all matches - commonly, the one with most appointments. This is true using both api and web interface.

Eg Search for "Ian William CURRIE" only returns one correct match; id GBB9jzYWxKCflhVGOkmyMGmM5Gs which has 5 appts. However, it misses " Ian William CURRIE" - NB exact name match - (id J_wveeMRsSYY5TADalEV7Mu7TXQ) which has 85 appts.

Another example is “Patrick Antony Francis GIFFORD”. This gives us id ZK0a1NnIsNsHNUExwREtFzQFMvE - 1 appt -, but failes to find SMzwYRNsEPkfnvGUbzvIjlCmzGY which has 24 appts. I have come across literally hundreds like this.

Is there a reason why the search would miss these?
Is there an alternative way of searching (maybe undocumented!) which gives more comprehensive results?

Also, it would be extremely useful if it were possible to exclude corporate officers in the results. Is there a way to do this?

Many thanks.

Very interesting.
Thank you for taking the time to let us know.
I have found why and have at least corrected

while we investigate the actual cause.
For you interest, it is to do with this officers last resigned on date being set to 1991 instead of 2022. this old date lowers the ‘score’ of the search, moving the entry onto subsequent pages.
I will get the other corrected too.
We would be very interested in any others you have identified as this will help our investigations.