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Hi there,
Can anyone help me get the list of companies for a given officers…
Typically I am tring to access this request with the API:
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I’m not quite sure what you want to do - you seem to be doing this already?

Companies House aren’t keen on people doing data mining here when there is bulk data you can use. If you just want a list of officers that you can start from you can post to the following thread to request access to a bulk list of officer data:

Did you read the documentation on searching for officers (openAPI specification here)? That gives you appointments (list of companies) for a given officer name.

Equally, if you start from an officer in a company (like your example) you can find all the appointments for that officer (openAPI specification here). You just request the endpoint in the links.officer.appointments member.
(A small aside - Companies House’ dataset is not without faults and one particular thing you may find is multiple officer “entries” for what in “reality” is the same individual or entity. You can see this clearly from “officer search”. You may need to do some record unification to match up all the entries for the “identical” individual / entity).

Thank you for your answer.
I actually need to build a dataset with:
First name/Last name/ date of birth/companyi/Insovencyofcompanyi(boolean value)/Brief description of companyi.
That we leave us with: sum of j (number of companies per officer j) rows.
Do you think there is a way to get such a dataset?

Well it sounds like your main information would come from the bulk officer data that I suggested above. Once you’ve unified that data (if you need / want - to make sure you’ve one “ID” per “real officer” - as mentioned above) then you just need to fill in the extra details. As described in other replies to you. You can find the company details including “insolvency” using the Company Profile endpoint.

On insolvency - you have to be specific. Is it insolvency (current or previous) particularly or are you needing to know if the company is in receivership, in administration, has made a voluntary agreement etc.?
If you’re not certain about these you’ll want to read up on the details of UK companies law (it’s complicated). Companies House keeps track of a variety of different states. If you want a boolean here do you want to know if the company has declared insolvency now or are you interested if it has ever been insolvent? If the first you would probably look at the company_status member of the Company Profile resource, if the latter then the has_insolvency_history flag.

So you could write the code for this, or you could pay someone else to do it, or you could look through the forum for the various different individuals and companies offering different collections of data that they built from Companies House data.

Hi Yassine,

We maintain a connected database of all Companies House appointments and have a public API with free calls.

This endpoint ‘Collect unlinked company officer records’ aggregates appointments for company officers with multiple Companies House records

The unique identifier in the response is ‘person_number’ which you can then use an input variable in this endpoint ‘Expand a network starting with an officer’

Which returns all co-directors for a single officer, and, relevant in your case, all the companies where the seed officer has held an appointment.

I can’t post any links direct to the endpoints here so if you need more info mike@regulationtechnologies[.]com or via Twitter @regtech_


Thank you very much for your answer,
I am still looking for the bulk officer data, can someone send it to me?
Here attached my email: