Outcomes of steps are easier to understand if without number

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Question for Documentation
Just went through the instructions on this page: How to create an application

Suggestion for instructions
Steps 1 to 5 in both sets of instructions describe the steps to take. Item number 6 in each case describes the outcome. So it is a result rather than a step. If you take the number off, and just put it as normal text, I think it will be easier for dumb users like me :blush:

1. Sign in to see the application overview.
2. Select the application you’d like to create a key for, or select 'Create an application' to create a new one.
3. Select 'Create new key'.
4. Provide a name for the key and choose the client type.
5. Select 'Create'.

Unique API client credentials will be generated. 

Awesome and simple otherwise…
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Thank you for your observations and suggestions.