PersonID relation - XMLGateway vs REST API

We have built a service where customers can save the OfficerDetail report (typical saves the person id) and when they request for it again we use the stored person id to refresh the report. We are now planning to migrate to REST API. One of the main problems is how to map the PersonID of XMLGateway to REST API.

Using the personID returned by XMLGateway in REST API doesn’t fetch the results and vice versa.

So is there any way where we can relate both personID’s… like generating the REST API equivalent personID from XMLGateway personID ?



Unfortunately the REST API and the XML Gateway have independent ID’s to the data and there is no mapping available within the current service as it stands.



Following on from this, if this isn’t possible, do you have suggestions of doing a migration, as we would presumably need to do an API call for every company in order to replace the old IDs with the new ones?