PSC bulk download file don't have occupation record


I downloaded PSC snapshot bulk data from here: Companies House

I really appreciate the data provided by CH, but I noticed there is no occupation, officer_id data field on those PSC snapshot data. But if I pull data from API, I can get the occupation and officer_Id easily. I am working on a data processing project and Its hard to get all the PSC data via API endpoint, so is it possible to provide a full PSC dataset as bulk download? So that I can easily process those bulk data and get all data fields including “occupation” ?


As far as I’m aware (not an official answer just another developer) Companies House doesn’t collect an occupation for PSCs. At a guess, you’re mixing up the API data for officers (hence the officer_id) with what is returned with regard to PSCs. There will be many cases where an officer is also a PSC, so when get details of the officers you’ll see this information, but the API call for PSCs doesn’t return this information (individual resource)