PSC/RLE Public/XML API - Natures of Control


We are trying to import the ceased PSC’s into our system. We can use the public API to access this information, A few questions:

  1. It looks like we can’t get the ceased PSC’s information from the XML API?
  2. The nature of controls in the public API don’t seem to be consistent with the XML API. Example below:

Public API
“ownership-of-shares-75-to-100-percent”, “voting-rights-75-to-100-percent”, “right-to-appoint-and-remove-directors”]


Is there anywhere I can get a full list of the natures of control for both the Public API and the XML API so I can compare. There doesn’t look consistent format to auto REGEX and convert for consistency between the two API’s.

Any advice on how best to approach this is much appreciated

XML Schemas are here:

The relevant one is probably PSCBaseTypes, current live version is here:

If you scroll down a little down all the nature of controls are enumerated.

The API enumerations are here: GitHub - companieshouse/api-enumerations

The relevant one is psc_descriptions: api-enumerations/psc_descriptions.yml at master · companieshouse/api-enumerations · GitHub

Hope that helps! I’ve never looked to see if they matched up or not as we use them in two different ways that don’t really interact, but have always assumed they did!

Thanks Ash, very helpful, much appreciated.