Rate Limit increase


Would it be possible to increase the rate limit for my application? I have to hit multiple endpoints to get company information together with officers and filing history, and it uses up the current limit very quickly.

Did you get a response on this

I did, they can double it, doesn’t help much.

@egle did they contact you outside of the chat and therefore if I wanted to request an increase, I need to create a new API Question or is there a contact detail that you can share?

They contacted me outside the chat. Not sure if you need to create a new question or not, they will probably contact you once they read this.

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Thank you @egle for your reply. I’ll wait for a reply from them for a couple of weeks and if none comes, I’ll post a new question.

QQ, can you share the type of info the that needed to increase your rate limit? Just headline stuff no need for specific details