Requesting clarity about Streaming API


We are looking for more clarity about the Streaming API:

  1. The timepoint that is included in a request is limited to a few days. How can we obtain a full snapshot, that is consistent with the output of the streaming API, that can be used as a basis for complementing using the timepoint in Streaming API?

I notice that several questions about this topic remain unanswered:

  1. What resources are now included in the Streaming API? I read that, previously, only basic company information was available. Are director appointments now also supported?

Thank you.

@MArkWilliams, I have the impression that you can tell me more about this…?

I will be able to. I am getting a statement prepared that will hopefully help all streaming API customers.
I will post it here and as an information message on the main forum.
Thank you for your patience.

Just to let you know that we are still working on this.

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Hi @MArkWilliams is there any news on the availability of these snapshots?

Couple of questions in this thread that I can hopefully provide some information on:

Data Snapshots: It is still our intention to develop data snapshots for the Streaming API service and the current thinking is that we will form a project to do this next financial year, with Discovery potentially starting in April.

Data Streams: We currently have data streams for Company Profile; Filing History; Insolvency; and Charges. We have developed streams for Officers and PSCs (Persons of Significant Control) and hope to release those soon.

Hi @rmcneil , any update on the status of the data snapshots to accompany the streams?

Hi, Unfortunately the work on Data Snapshots has had to be put back until next financial year (April 2022) due to pressure of other, higher priority, work.