Shared Usage Query

I work on a product which is used by multiple customers and we are looking to integrate with the rest api to access the company house data. We’d like to host the integration with companies house once and then each client would connect to companies house via this central integration i.e.

client 1 → integration → companies house
client 2 → integration → companies house

The impact of this approach would be that all of the requests would come through a single API key (not an API key per client) and therefore there would be a risk that we’d breach the 600 request limit.

Is is acceptable for us to use the api in this way (i.e shared API key)? how would we go about monitoring and increasing the 600 request limit.

Welcome - there is some documentation on the rate limiting system including “contact us” for discussing rate increase. Although I think they just suggest you post a new request here e.g. “Increasing API Rate Limit”.

Unfortunately the more complete documentation (which I think used to be here) no longer seems to describe the http response headers which give you detailed information on your usage / the next period.

For that - see also this thread:

Further details from MArkWilliams of Companies House in this thread:

Thanks for the information about the rate volume.
Did you have a view on our usage?

I’m not from Companies House, just another forum user.

What were you concerned about with the usage?

Companies House make data public via the API. I’m not aware of any particular restrictions on what you do with data you obtain from them - it’s the public register / a public record. (If you’re after details of e.g. data protection search this forum; this was debated at length a few years ago I think. I am not a lawyer but it seems the essence is “this is information in the public domain”).

You (your business / organisation) have to register and abide by the rate limits / conditions of usage. I presume that from the Companies House perspective they’re just dealing with you (whoever has registered with them), not your customers. So you are responsible for any “usage” (and breaches of rate limits etc).

What I was after was a definitive response from Companies House that our use case was acceptable to them, as when we emailed them directly we were asked to post here for a response.
The concern is that we contract our customers to provide this integration - thus we want a explicit response.