Streaming API Requests

Hi, hoping someone can advise. I am using an Integromat service to connect to CH. For the Streaming API, I have a scheduler that calls out every 10 minutes, but the connection just seems to timeout at the maximum duration and never picks up any data. Authentication isn’t an issue as I have received errors relating to Timepoint whilst messing about with this. Anyone got any ideas why I seem to get zero data back? How often should users expect data packet - surely if I get nothing over the space of 48 hrs there is something wrong? :-/ Thanks in advance/hope!

  1. Cannot give any insight with regards the ‘integromat service’. that you use.
  2. If you are connecting every so often, then keep the timepoint of the last payload you receive from each stream then use it when you next reconnect. NOTE that the first time you connect you’ll not have a timepoint (and you cannot make this up). Additionally, every stream has a unique timepoint timeframe- you cannot re-use one streams timepoint in another
  3. As for data, it depends which stream you are connected to. For the fillings and companies streams, there is lots of data most of the time. As for the charges and insolvency-cases, these streams are mostly quiet.

Thanks Phillip, that’s helpful :slight_smile: I will take another look!