The new Streaming API

The Companies House streaming API provides access to real-time data changes of the information held at Companies House. This delivers the same information that is available through the on-demand REST API GET requests, but instead pushes data to your client as it changes, through a long-running connection that you first establish.
Information is available from
As the information is migrated the site will be running alongside the current developer site
There are 4 data streams available:
Company information
Filing history
Insolvency cases
This is the first release of this Developer site and it is running alongside our existing Developer site, not replacing it at this point.
There are currently no data snapshots available for users to download.

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@MArkWilliams looking out to use Streaming API for Company Information. Can you share more detail information on how to use The new Stream API. Also , can you help with the following information

  • Format of the data
  • Frequency of data
  • Is there any specific time for the push
  • File Size
  • Full file or Delta file

Hi @MArkWilliams
i dont see information related to The new Streaming API in
Can you share more details

No, you will not. Streaming API information is

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You need to look at more specifically

Hi @MArkWilliams,

Lookig at hte specs for the streaming API, it mentions the use of a timepoint - is there an easy way to convert this into a datetime/timestamp/duration?

@MArkWilliams is it just me, or are all the links pointing to the new streaming api down? I am getting a time out error on these:

I look forward to reading the guidance.



@MArkWilliams Is there any time duration for the availability of streaming data. For first request i received response after 6 hrs. and for the second request it takes long duration and still not received any response. I tried using timepoint ( ex:1569868200000) and api always return 416 error. Can you help me here?

No, site is available.
I presume you have now accessed the documentation?

@MArkWilliams do you know when snapshots will be available?

Any update to this post?

Hi Mark, I am looking for the historical company data as in Companies House. The link only allows me to download the most recent month’s data. Is it possible to use any of the APIs to download the snapshot of past months or do I need to contact Companies House to share the data? I am looking for each of March and April 2020 snapshots. Thanks in advance.

This is a complete dump of the live companies on the register.
It is not that months companies.
There are approx 4.5 million companies in that file.

@MArkWilliams, how should we connect the streaming information to the bulk downloads, especially because the streaming api works with timepoints?

Hi Mark, Yes, I understand that. However, some of the fields changes once there is a change in a specific data field. For example, if the firm has applied for extension of their filing deadline in May and has been granted the extension, it should be reflected in the annual return due date which will be different from the information presented in the April file. I am after this type of monthly changes for my research but for that I need historical monthly data files.

Mark, does companies house have a panel or list of approved developers you can suggest or is it more of an open data approach so any able developer can connect? I currently use a third party provider for data but keen to connect directly. Thanks Jamie.

No, Companies House does not have any list of that sort.
We provide the API and Streaming services so anyone who has the required skills and technical expertise can use them (subject to rate limits and fair use policy of course)
This forum is full of expert users and excellent advice and information.

Thanks Mark, that reassuring and I’ve found the various threads useful so far.