What triggers a company to be sent via the https://stream.companieshouse.gov.uk/companies stream?

Can you let us know what events will trigger a company via the https://stream.companieshouse.gov.uk/companies stream?

We are wondering if this stream can be used to identify when a company changes, regardless of what the change is.

Wondering if there is an update for this?

We are keen to identify if we can use the streaming API as our single source of data when any data on a company changes. If not, can you let us know -

  • What changes are tracked via the streaming API
  • if there are any plans to extend the events the trigger the streaming API to include all changes (basically any new document filing)

The company stream will notify of any changes to the company, this includes change of name, status, ROA, etc.
There is also a filing history stream that will show all filing history additions and changes.

Hello, according to the documentation there should be an event.fields_changed[] field specifying what has been updated by the event, but I’ve never seen it in the payloads. Is there something special to do to get it in there?
That would definitely help answering OP’s question.