Will company financial information be available

Will company financial information eventually be added to the API?

As in Turnover, gross profit, current assets etc.

We currently use a 3rd party to provide all this information and need to know if it will be included for free in the new API.


We are planning to release the ability to download the XBRL accounts data, where filed electronically, which will contain the financial data you are looking for. We do not have a definitive timescale for release as yet.


there are some services online for example: Endole.co.uk, which already show quantitative data in structured form, i assume is coming from Companies House, example: http://www.endole.co.uk/company/03977902/google-uk-limited

can you advise how is that made available? is there a cost?

thank you very much.

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Companies House offers a bulk product for accounts data, which is where they may be acquiring the data. The data and information can be found using the link below.


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Mark, it’s been two years since the last message. Any updates about integrating financial statements (accounts) into API?


Ok, so we got stuck with this and because it seems a lot of people want up to date financial info we set about resolving it.

The problem: The information we get from the API (which we love) only provides basic information, not financial information which was disappointing.

The solution: However, Companies House do hold financial information such as “Cash at Bank” and it is available historically.

The next problem: This information is only available in either a daily download or a monthly download. A complexity: Each download contains HTML or XBRL files - one for each company. Complexity Solution: create a process that reads these files for the financial information we need.

We created a few different applications for this and eventually agreed on one. We then downloaded all 12 bulk files with financial information dating back two years and began to process them.

Solution: We then put an interface together to allow anyone to lookup financial information on one or more companies without having to go through the process - you can try it out here https://www.contactenhance.com.

P.S. We mapped corporate domains to the company names so you can use a company email address, domain or name to fetch the information you need instead of having to look it up.

P.S.S. We then added more information from Twitter, Glassdoor and a few others to provide lots of insight on the companies you are researching without the hassle of having to collect it manually.

Think of it as endole on steroids or google for corporate emails.

(If you would like to know how we created the process, technical coding, debugging etc, happy to share, just let me know)

Similarly, the bulk data has been parsed and is available through a JSON API called DeltaGain on RapidAPI

Hi @london I am very interested in this topic myself but I can’t find DeltaGain on RapidAPI and equally, I went ahead and downloaded DeltaGain. The accounts are still in a PDF or XBRL format as far as I saw. Am I missing something? Has anything happened since?

Its been a while since this post has had a response. Is there any updates on when will the financial information (Balance sheet, P&L) will be available through the API?

Hi @duncan, I am interested in knowing how you went about extracting the financial information. Could you ping me your details so that we could discuss this?

Sure, my mobile is 07971097526 and my email is duncan@contactenhance.,com - we have added so much more since I wrote this last response including estimated monthly google ad spend and are currently working on business rates info,

Hi @duncan Duncan,
Thank you for replying to my message on the CH forum.

As I was saying we are also trying to figure out a way to successfully extract company financials from Companies House. We are approaching it using the PDF table extraction and XBRL format.

The major issues that we are facing are that in PDF’s no convertors, even the big names like Amazon Textract, Zanran, etc are able to 100% extract the information, manual clean up is required and the cost is unusually high. With regards to the XBRL format we have had some luck but we see that the structure keeps changing for each year and we are trying to see how we can consolidate it into a single working model.

I have checked out your website, on this information. Do you think you could provide us with some leads on how to go about it, maybe in terms of the XBRL extracting and taking into account the different formatting structures of the companies?
Thank you for your help

Hi @mfairhurst,

Thanks for providing so much data free of charge and even having API and XBRL files. Are there any updates on addition of financial information to the API? Maybe this is something that is being considered or is already in working at Companies House?

HI Azher,

Did you get anywhere with converting XBRL file into single structured format?


Unfortunately no @harishpraveenkumar

Hi Azher,

I found a way. I will let you know once we done it.

Thanks, @harishpraveenkumar that would be helpful

Hi, what is the current status of having an income statement, balance sheet and cashflow statement on the API?

Does it cover both private and public companies?

If it is or will be available, is the plan to use XBRL format or a more simplified JSON format ?


Eurico Covas

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