Wordpress company name search plugin

I found this GitHub - lcbrq/wordpress-companieshouse: Wordpress skeleton plugin for companieshouse.gov.uk search but it no longer works.

Has anyone integrated the company name api search as a Wordpress plug in or similar?


No I would like to find a way to run a search on company name too if you have found out how I would be interested to find out how to do this

Hi, I have created a wordpress plugin for company search compatible with latest wordpress . You can check it here

Gov.uk Company Search | The Angel Trust family

If you feel that it serves your need I can share it with you.

Hi info18
It works perfectly. Please could you share the wordpress plugin if possible.

Yes I will share it with you. Where to send

wayne @ go6 .co.uk please

Download it from

Dude Bilgi18, the plugin link you sent is broken, can you send it again if possible?

Link is ok and working