XBRL Monthly Accounts file name issue

Check the last file name please. His name should be * Accounts_Monthly_Data-December2023.zip (2384Mb)*, right?

Or this is some optional file, and file for December 2023 will be uploaded later?


@MArkWilliams any update on when the December2023 and January2024 monthly accounts bulk files will be produced?

We have had issues producing these bulk files for a while now, but recently they have prevented us from producing the monthly files altogether.
We have been trying various workarounds. Due to the nature of the issues, we have only been able to attempt these ‘runs’ on the weekend, so time has not been on our side. None of the workarounds have worked though.
In the next 2 days there are some changes going in that we hope will allow us to run these bulk products on the weekend.
I hope I have better news on Monday (26th Feb 2024)

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Hi Mark. Any news on the production of monthly accounts bulk files?
How did the weekend bulk run go?
Would it be possible for the daily accounts bulk files page to show more than 60 days history while this issue is ongoing so that its still possible to download the accounts for December 2023 in the meantime?
Much appreciated, Brian.

Those changes went in and did improve performance, but not in the area we needed to run these bulk products.
This is now with our DB team who are working to re-write these legacy scripts/processes, but as of today (4th March 2024) we do not have a time frame for a solution.
I will however take forward your suggestion to increase the availability of the daily files.

I have arranged to get the daily files back to 1st Dec on Companies House
it has just been updated.

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