API GET Company profile endpoint discrepancy

I make use of the GET https://api.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/{companyNumber} endpoint of your API. I’m relying on the accounts.next_accounts property that is returned in the response from the endpoint, but I’ve noticed that it no longer exists in the documentation of the companyProfile resource. Could you please confirm whether this is a mistake in the documentation, or if this property is deprecated?

If the property is deprecated, where can I find the following info that I am currently relying on?

  • accounts.next_accounts.due_on
  • accounts.next_accounts.period_start_on
  • accounts.next_accounts.period_end_on

Thanks in advance!

Potentially looking at outdated documentation?

Try here: Companies House Public Data API: companyProfile

Interestingly enough there is a similar (recent) post here: Api.companieshouse.gov.uk vs api.company-information.service.gov.uk That also claims the documentation is similar to what you have instead. Out of interest do you have a link to the documentation you’re using?

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Hi ash,

I’m looking at the same documentation page you linked. It contains no mention of accounts.next_accounts

Oh yeah, right you are. I got mixed up and stopped looking at the API return once I saw the fields that are in the documentation instead! Didn’t realise your ones were in there too, and am now confusing myself even more trying to figure it out.

Looks like the pertinent information is duplicated using both the fields you’re looking at and the fields in the documentation.


Effectively gives all the information in your missing field. No idea if one is being derived from the other or one is deprecated. Hopefully someone from CH chimes in.

Edit: In case you’re not aware, made-up-to is the period-end and the period start would have to be derived (if it wasn’t already returned).

Interestingly if you check CH profiles (ASHTEST LIMITED overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK) they render the data using terminology closer to the documentation than the period start and period end that also appears.