Company directors

I am trying to gain a list of company directors in west Berkshire but cannot find a way to download all of them onto a excel file. Is this possible?

I think there are 3 possible approaches:

  1. there are some 3rd parties who offer services based on the Companies House dataset, one of them may be able to help you.

  2. use the Companies House bulk officer data or 3) use the API

For 2 and 3 you’ll have to do some parsing at your end to decide what constitutes “West Berkshire” from addresses (and you’ll be parsing those addresses because I don’t think Companies House guarantees the format or what is in “named address fields”…)

Presumably you mean “directors of companies whose ‘service address’ is in West Berkshire” as Companies House does not publish home addresses*. Or do you mean “directors of companies whose ‘registered office address’ is in West Berkshire”?

  • There are a tiny percentage of directors held on the public registers where their full details are accessible. Service addresses tend to be the business address - if people are working from their home then the two may be the same.

For “bulk” tasks Companies House usually recommends you use the bulk data products.

To do that in this case you could request access to the bulk officers data. There’s a 3rd party guide on that and how to request the access here.

If you really wanted to do this via the API there is some ability (experimental) to search for an officer according to a place. See the following threads:

Another thread on the same topic:

Good luck