General questions regarding access to Company house

Hi, I was instructed by email to post my questions here regarding Company House.

  1. Are there any restrictions or legal requirements for a company outside of the UK but in the EU to access company data from Company House through your APIs?

  2. Are we allowed to use this company data to build a product and sell the information without any agreement with the Company House? We are building a Know Your Customer/Business product that will help companies to onboard companies from the UK.

  3. Do we also get the financial information that the companies are reporting to the Company House in a structured way? Or do we only get the pdfs that I can find on your website?

  4. What are the prices? I can’t find any price list on your website to access the information?


Hi Marcus,

A previous thread that may be of interest: HERE This includes what I think is the official CH response to any questions about restrictions and requirements. Most UK Government information is published under OGL 3, however I’ve never seen that confirmed (or denied) with regards to this data. I do often see links to THIS DOCUMENT which has a lot of information about the terms of use.

Based on what I’m aware of, the answers to your questions are

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. It’s complicated (and not something I’ve kept up on. Recommend you search this forum for “iXBRL” which is the format accounts are submitted in, as there are plenty of posts on the matter)
  4. Free

Disclaimer: These are all unofficial answers and I don’t represent CH in any way. Hope some of that helps.

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