How to view Company Filing (PDF files) from S3 buckets?

curl --location --request GET ‘
–header ‘Authorization: Basic {api-key}’

It would be helpful if you actually asked a question…
but the data you receive back is actually the PDF file, so save it and then open it.

Also worth searching this forum before you post a ‘question’ as all the information you will ever need is here, but you do have to look for it.

i saved it as a pdf but preview of saving file not clear.

Someone with a different user name has reported the same kind of problem here in the thread below. Coincidentally this seems to be exactly the same link…

How you deal with PDFs is up to you and nothing to do with Companies House!

In the future the following - although it is rather general - might be worth reading to help get the best results when you ask questions on internet forums: