Search for company directors by full name

Hello, I’m trying to find a way to search for the company directors using person full name. Is it possible to pass it as a parameter to the query and get as a result all the directors that have such a name and name of their companies?

Thank you

You could possibly try the Officers search endpoint. It is essentially the same as what you can do (online, interactively) here.

For each match (see below) it returns the name it matched and a list of that director’s appointments (e.g. which company this is).

Unfortunately you’re likely to end up with a great deal of data. Companies House search is “fuzzy” so you would need to check through the results you got back e.g. you might have several e.g. “John Smith” might possibly bring back lots of John Smiths, “John David Smith”, “John Smith Partners Limited” and a whole lot of other information (possibly even “Smith and Johnson” etc.)

There was (is?) an experimental feature to add some location information to a search - see this thread:

I don’t think you can specify the type of officer you are searching for so you would also need to filter the results by the type of officer as this search will bring back ALL officers (e.g. directors, secretaries etc.) It returns both Corporate Officers, Legal Persons and Natural Persons e.g. individuals - which may be what you want of course.

Good luck.

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Thanks a lot, that is very helpful :slight_smile: